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Beaglebone Black: Berbagi Koneksi Internet Pada Linux Ubuntu

Tulisan ini akan dibuat secara berseri yang berisi tentang trik Papan Pengembangan Beaglebone Black yang sekarang banyak dipakai oleh Embedded Linux Engineer. Beaglebone Black adalah sebuah Single Board Computer (SBC) untuk aplikasi realtime yang spesifik seperti Telemetri, Sistem Kontrol, Robotika, maupun untuk aplikasi

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Installing eZ430-Chronos Wireless Watch Control Center in Ubuntu

I have received Texas Instruments eZ430-Chronos wireless watch from my friend Iwan Setiawan on July 2013. But this month, I just have a time to play with this stuff. Actually, i really want to buy this so-called wearable device on

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Konfigurasi ARM Tiny6410 SBC dengan Linux BlankOn 8.0

Tulisan ini menjelaskan langkah-langkah dalam konfigurasi dan pengaturan ARM Tiny6410 SBC (Single Board Computer) dari FriendlyARM menggunakan distro Linux BlankOn versi 8.0 (Rote). Bagi pengembang embedded systems, tentunya tidak asing dengan arsitektur prosesor ARM yang sudah banyak digunakan pada perangkat bergerak/mobile.

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Lightweight Internet Protocol (lwIP) for ARM S3C6410

A few days ago, i was dropped by google on when looking for TCP/IP stack that used in embedded systems. Lightweight Internet Protocol or known as lwIP is a light-weight implementation of the TCP/IP protocol suite that was originally

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Embedded Web Server for Water Level Monitoring (Part-II)

This post is continuance of the first section, which this time will be more focused review on the software and implementation of the whole system. Software TCP/IP Stack This embedded web server device uses the TCP/IP stack that is created by Pascal Stang, and then I modify that

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Embedded Web Server for Water Level Monitoring (Part-I)

         Whole of this year I was preoccupied with the realization of an idea that has long been entrenched in the head, which is designing an embedded webserver device. Actually this is not the original idea of my own thoughts, rather than existing development where there are many references on some sites about embedded systems. The difference is that i made this embedded webserver device for water level monitoring, while in several other sites mostly discusses the problem of

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eZ430-Chronos Wireless Watch from Texas Instruments

This video show us the development tool preview of eZ430-chronos wireless watch from Texas Instruments. You can read the wiki about this cool gadget here :

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