The StartUp Infographic

In the last few days, i read about entrepreneurship/startup blog on some websites. Then i found a cool website which contains infographic telling about technology-startup related. It is Funders and Founders that create visual explanation from A-to-Z about How to becoming an entrepreneur, searching a co-founder, startup valuation, and etc. Here is my favourite infographic that explain How to start a company, especially a tech-startup :


Thanks to Anna Vital for creating this infographic, really help me a lot. Based on infographic above, at the step of “make a prototype”, i prefer find a co-founder first to build a better prototype than struggling alone. Build a prototype with team mate will help us on the development phase, technical discussion, and brainstorming. Another step that didn’t match to me is “look for funding” after register the company. Again, i prefer bootstrapping first although it is really hard for startup. I know there’s no ideal role model to start a startup, everybody has their future decission.


I'm not a geek, nor a techie

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One comment on “The StartUp Infographic
  1. Now that you have thought of the next great invention, it is time to design and create a prototype . A prototype can be challenging but is the most important step to move forward in your business venture. Designing a prototype is where your invention takes on a form of its own; the prototype is simply a three-dimensional version of your vision. This is the fun part as you get to see your creative idea become a solid reality. A prototype can be made out of anything, whether created by you or taken to an engineer, but before production, a professional version will need to be manufactured. The prototype serves several benefits in moving forward with your idea.

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