Learn to Code Using Git


            My teammate and I are building a product, currently on the step of developing the software. We started using Git for last three months. Git is a method to implement projects development that using Distributed Versioning Control System (DVCS), usually for open source software project. On the beginning, we got confused what is the right tools for our project, either GitHub or Bitbucket. We’ve tried Github, its user interface is pretty good and easy to use by using standard Git command. But one thing that’s still do not match for us, the repositories are in public, meaning that everyone can see and contribute to its source code. It is true if this is the concept of open source, our code can be used and modified by others with a specific purpose. But we want to code privately first, and only after the project is completed we will open sourced the code. That way will more focused on the project development stage if the teammates who have the same vision.

            Finally we migrated to Bitbucket because of providing private mode for up to 5 users in a team. The process of migration is quite easy, we just use the “import” feature and within a few minutes the source code available on Github is already on Bitbucket repository. For those who are familiar to code using the IDE, Git supports several types of IDEs such as Eclipse. We also use Eclipse IDE that installed EGit plugin in it. With EGit plugin in Eclipse, we can make various changes to the source code in local repository once we have set previously, then push to the server repository in Bitbucket. For more details about Git, here’s a good reference for hands-on learning :
ProGit Book
Learn Git Branching
Git with Eclipse

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4 comments on “Learn to Code Using Git
  1. stwn says:

    mestinya learn to code, bukan learn to coding #rewel

  2. saya ndak inget kapan terakhir kali serius coding, kwakwa *curhat*

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