Embedded Web Server for Water Level Monitoring (Part-I)

         Whole of this year I was preoccupied with the realization of an idea that has long been entrenched in the head, which is designing an embedded webserver device. Actually this is not the original idea of my own thoughts, rather than existing development where there are many references on some sites about embedded systems. The difference is that i made this embedded webserver device for water level monitoring, while in several other sites mostly discusses the problem of  temperature monitoring, humidity, and relays control. The subject in this post is on the hardware side. Sometimes in industrial field, e.g: a Dam, a Floodgate, or even an Oil Tank in Oil & Gas company need a device to monitor their water/liquid. Of course this is just a prototype device that still need further development. Ok let’s straight to the point, diagram of the overall system is as follows :

Systems Diagram
1. Minimum System of Microcontroller

This minimum system that I build based on the AVR ATmega168 microcontroller from ATMEL. A 16KB Flash memory is sufficient to accommodate the source code of TCP/IP stack, a simple web page, and calculation of the sensor.  Current circuit that I make here is the result of modification from Tuxgraphics by Mr Guido Socher. Thanks Guido!

Minimum System
2. Ethernet Module Z-28J60

This module consists of Magjack RJ-45 and IC ENC28J60 integrated in a single PCB, with LED indicator that serves as an indication of “Act” and “Link” in the network. This module is an interface between microcontroller with the network.

ethernet module z-28J60
3. Ping))) Parallax Ultrasonic Sensor

This Parallax sensor is capable of measuring distances up to 3.3 m. The function of this sensor is measuring the height of water level or fluid in a designated place by emitting ultrasonic waves. Find this detailed specification here.

Yes, we need a 5V DC input from power supply to make this device work well.  I Prefer build it by myself rather than buy that-so-called unstable power supply which sold many on the market. I will not explain about how to build stable power supply, just googling it and you’ll find a lot of references.

This is the embedded webserver device that i’ve made :

Later on, i will describe about software side of this device and its implementation .


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